Centering Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to better lives and communities.

We refer to Corporate as large companies, educational institutions, sporting leagues, associations, and organizations.


Equity Audits

Equity Audit is a tool that allows for identification of strengths and areas for improvement and prioritization for guided reforms based on data from various stakeholders. This process is data driven and facilitates how to prioritize, change, or initiate policies, practices, and initiatives to advance equitable outcomes.

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Which policies and practices does your organization reinforce and what purposes does it serve? What data are you collecting? How is data collected and interpreted? Does your company value international experience? Are interviews done by one person or a committee to mitigate bias? What roles do minoritized identities occupy in your company? Are minoritized identities part of the decision-making at all levels? Do you have reporting procedures and processes?

Consulting services offered are tailored to meet your organizational needs to advance EDIcational outcomes.

Executive Coaching & Professional Development

Training with intentionality supported with committed action is at the core of being anti-oppressive. We offer one day and multi-session executive coaching and/or professional development aligned with our areas of expertise and workshops to enhance the culture within your organization. Our training establishes a brave space to discuss and dialogue about uncomfortable topics.


Keynotes are offered covering a range of equity, diversity, and inclusion topics. Visit the resources and workshops page to see areas of expertise.


"EDIcation Consulting did an excellent job on our EDI survey and report. I am delighted that our Executive Committee decided to work with Dr. Eizadirad. He managed difficult topics constructively and effectively and brought clarity to challenging issues."

Dr. Angelo Belcastro, Professor and Chair of School of Kinesiology and Health Science, Faculty of Health, York University.

"Dr. Eizadirad understands the complexities and power dynamics involved in doing the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion at the grassroots community level. He does not shy away from asking uncomfortable questions. He has been instrumental as a consultant in helping YAAACE draft proposals and collect data to capture the efficacy of our programs. He is the person to invest in if you want to see results!"

Devon Jones, Founder of Youth Association for Academics, Athletics, and Character Education  

“We are so glad to have worked with Dr. Eizadirad for our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program review! His perspective and recommendations were aligned with our goals as an educational organization committed to youth success. He was very professional and we are very pleased with the outcomes. We would certainly engage Dr. Eizadirad and EDIcation for future projects.”

Jennifer James 
Vice President, Programs and Charter Services
Junior Achievement Canada

“Dr. Eizadirad ignited conversations about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through a series of three highly interactive and engaging virtual workshops at our school. He integrated many highly effective teaching strategies and provided helpful teacher resources throughout each workshop. I highly recommend working with Dr. Eizadirad. It was an absolute honour.”

Karen Baird
Assistant Head of School
St. John’s-Kilmarnock School

"Our students are very appreciative of the 3 part EDI workshop series offered by Dr. Ardavan Eizadirad. The workshops were practical and very engaging! I would strongly recommend these workshops to anyone wanting to create more inclusive schools by investing in equity, diversity and inclusion training and certification, including for high school students!"

Patrick Kabeya
Graduation Coach for Students, 
École secondaire Étienne-Brûlé

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